Tradify Payments

Tradify has partnered with Stripe payments to bring you Tradify Payments! In an era where contactless payment is becoming the norm, this new feature is a great asset for all Tradify tradies which will allow them to offer the option of online credit and debit card payments on every invoice they send out.

If you already have a Tradify account, setting up Tradify payments is super easy. Follow the steps to customize the settings to your liking and bingo! Start receiving payments instantly.

We highly recommend that all tradies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK jump on this new feature straight away. With no fixed-term contracts or setup, monthly or hidden fees, Tradify payments is all about getting you paid faster for the work you do.



Interested in setting up Tradify for your business or just need a little extra training to get the most out of your account? TradiePad is a Tradify Expert Partner, we offer setup, training and support services to ensure your business gets maximum results from your software. Give us a call, and let’s have a 15-minute chat about where you’re at and how we can help.

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