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There has been a lot of talk about pivoting lately, thinking of ways to change how you do business if you are currently in isolation lockdown or merely witnessing a downturn in business due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Episode 4 of the Money Honey podcast, Nicole McCabe and Joanne McCauley chat to TradiePad Managing Director Clinton Cowin about how he used time off the tools to research and discover how technology could revolutionise the plumbing business he was working for. Delegated to the office until he recovered from surgery, Clinton set to work finding a solution to remove paperwork from the business and streamline how the plumbing team communicated with each other and their clients.

Eventually, this pivot led to a whole new career and business in the form of TradiePad, a technology training business that helps fellow tradies adopt technology into their business too.

Hope you enjoy this episode, give us a shout if you are keen to chat about adding technology to your toolbox too!

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MONEY HONEY PODCAST – Episode 4 – Cloud Software for Tradies – Clinton from TradiePad

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