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If you’re new to TradiePad, this guide will help you learn more about what we do and how we help tradies run better businesses with technology and apps.

Tradiepad faqs

No, TradiePad is not an app. We are a technology training company that helps tradies find and set up the best software to run their business.

TradiePad offers the following 13 services:

  1. Software/app recommendations
  2. Software/app setup and integration
  3. Software/app training and support
  4. Existing software optimisation and training
  5. Software migration
  6. Mobile device and computer setup and management
  7. Apple/Google/Microsoft account setup and management
  8. Domain registration and renewal services
  9. Business-grade email setup and training
  10. Google Workspace and Microsoft365 training and support
  11. Cyber security training and assistance
  12. Websites and landing pages
  13. Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising and Digital marketing retainers

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TradiePad helps construction, trades and service businesses of all sizes reach their potential. We work with builders, electricians, plumbers and HVAC, landscapers, roofers, engineering and fabrication, carpenters and joiners, the list goes on!

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TradiePad headquarters is in Sydney but our staff all work remotely from various locations across Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of where you live, we are ready to jump online and help with your software needs.

Tradie Software faqs

We work with software that has been designed to suit the needs of the trades, construction and field service industry. Whether you run on Android or iOS (or a mix of both!) We can help you find the perfect software to match your industry and needs.

Learn which software systems we work with here.

Yes, we can help with that too! We offer optimisation, setup, integration and extra training services for tradies who want to get the most out of their existing software programs.


For more details, book in a free 15 minute call where we can chat about what you need.

All software companies offer a reseller or referral program to their bookkeeping, accounting and implementation partners. We are a reseller or referral partner with all of the software companies we work with and are recognised for doing the hard work to match a client to the ideal software for their business.


Our main job is to help you find the right software and it’s pretty obvious if we get this wrong, so these incentives in no way influence the decision we make on recommending a particular software. 

Software companies are great at developing software and showing you which buttons to click but they don’t get into the nitty gritty of workflow development, change management, business process and integrations into other systems.


TradiePad are specialist trainers that will work with you to optimise and tailor how you use all of the technology tools in your business. We provide you with independent, unbiased advice on your software options so you can make an informed decision on which ones will work best for you. Our personalised training projects are tailored to suit the human beings in your business, we help you and your team learn how to use your chosen software to its maximum potential, catering to every skill level and tech ability.


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Tradie Training FAQs

The cost of our projects varies depending on the recommended software, whether it’s training on your existing software, online or onsite training or a service you would like us to provide. 

To get an indicative price range, book in a free 15 minute call where we can chat about what your after.

How often have you heard this when providing a quote to a client?


Much like you, TradiePad offers a premium service which is based on over 13 years of experience and expertise. We have a deep understanding of the trades and construction industry and extensive knowledge of the software programs designed to help you.


Our pricing reflects our skill level, we have done all the research for you so you can fast track your technology journey.


Check out what our clients say about working with TradiePad here.

TradiePad accepts credit card or direct debit. Payment for services can be made upfront, using a 50/50 payment split or via finance.
Projects include software setup, integrating your email or accounting software to your job management system, migration of data from your old system to the new one, personalised training and ongoing tech support.
We train you and all your staff or subcontractors on how to use the software so you can run the business and they can perform their roles.
On average, setup and training projects take between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the software program. A detailed timeline for your project will be provided to you after the scoping session.
TradiePad training is conducted online via zoom or you have the option for onsite training if you prefer face to face learning.
Absolutely! A support period is included in every full setup and implementation project we do. We also offer multiple levels of support subscriptions to suit any tradies needs and budget. Think of us as the IT department for your trades and construction business!

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