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reporting software
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Get your jobs in order

solve your job reporting problems

Keep track of profitability, reduce losses, manage margins and get your business setup for success, with accurate reporting tools that help you make the right decisions for your business.

keep an eye on your business health

Make the right purchase and hiring decisions with complete visibility over profits and losses.

Real-time job performance

See how a job is tracking against your quoted budget and get it under control before you lose your margin.

track profitability of your jobs

Review job costs against quotes to protect future margins and identify the most profitable opportunities.

visibility over productivity

Analyse how many hours employees are working against the amount that they're billing.

get quick, accurate insights

Access customisable reports from your device in the office or out on the field.

measure team kpis effectively

Set team targets and measure performance with complete job tracking visibility.

Recommendations, Advice, Migration & Setup Of Tools​

Advice on reporting software

Looking for expert independent advice on the software with the best reporting functionality for tradies? We thoroughly trial, test and work with the apps we recommend so we can find the best options for your business. 


We can help you with the following apps with reporting functions:


A powerful job management software to organise your plumbing business. Find out more


Simple and effective cloud-based software for all types of civil and construction projects. Find out more


Management & estimating software for Small Builders and Contractors. Find out more


End-to-end job management and real-time visibility across all aspects of your business. Find out more


Intuitive web-based app that helps Builders and Tradies stay in control of their jobs. Find out more


Easy-to-use job management, timesheets, estimating, quoting and invoicing. Find out more


Simple accounting software to send invoices, track job profits & pay suppliers on the go. Find out more

WorkflowMAX by BlueRock

workflow MAX by bluerock

Project management and time billing reporting software. Find out more


Quote, schedule, manage jobs and issue invoices faster than ever before. Find out more

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TradiePad can help you get the tech for your business sorted. We don't just help you choose software, we also can assist with:

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