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Kynection are an industry leader in technology solutions who offer paperless solutions to ensure productivity and worker safety are maximised. Utilises their mobile software app KIM by Kynection.


Standardise your processes with smart workflows and automated scheduling.

project management

Extensive project management tool allows you to prepare your projects, track progress in real-time and manage milestones.

time + attendance

Digitise your time tracking and ensure it’s managed in a centralised space.

asset management

Utilise GPS, RFID or QR codes and in-vehicle camera monitoring to manage assets and vehicles.

document management

A database of documents that is ISO 9001 compliant for storage of policies, procedures, files and site photos.

quoting + invoicing

Generate quotes & manage tender submissions easily within the software.

contractor management

Manage suppliers and contractors using a database that tracks qualifications to ensure forms are completed.

whs management

Specialised technology solutions to manage your safety management requirements.

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While TradiePad is not currently a training partner with Kynection we do have a deep understanding of how it works, and what businesses it suits.


So, if you’re looking to implement Kynection in your business and want independent advice on whether it’s the best option for you. Let’s chat.

What customers say about Kynection

tradie Experiences

"Kynection was a lot stronger in the operational sense than its competitors and most of them could only deliver between 50%-70% of what we needed. What I liked about Kynection was it was more like 90%-100%."
Simon Parker
Parker Carpentry Contractors
"It was taking me an hour to do an average size quote and some of the larger ones a couple of hours. Whereas now it’s taking 10 minutes per quote, which is a massive saving on time.
Shane McCanner
Subitus Restore
"Having the ability to send information from the site to the office in real-time is probably one of the biggest benefits for our business with Kynection. This allows us to see if the team has been going to multiple sites throughout the day as they can just tick this off on the app as soon as they finish one job. If they complete a job early they have the information on hand to move onto the next site rather than waiting around and wasting time. "
Michael Morgan
Ultimate Horticultural Solutions

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