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Assignar is a construction operations software for construction contractors. Documents, Compliance, Asset and Workforce management, done simply.

contractor management

Allocate workers or entire crews, based on availability and qualifications.

Checklists + forms

Manage compliance, training, qualifications, orientations and certificates.

compliance + documents

Replace field paperwork with digital forms, site diary, and more.

real-time communication

Send alerts to and from the field to update your teams in real time.


Track time on projects in real-time and automate payroll and invoicing with timesheets.

scheduling + allocating

Efficiently schedule staff maximize productivity, progress, and quality.

site diary

Track job site activities with daily reports capturing timesheets, activities and approvals.

custom reports

Monitor projects progress, and discover how to operate efficiently to increase profitability.

crew + equipment management

Manage crucial documentation, licenses, certifications, equipment and subs.


Integrates with MYOB, Quickbooks, Acumatica construction edition and Procore project management.

Is Assignar Right for your business

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While TradiePad is not currently a training partner with Assignar we do have a deep understanding of how it works, and what businesses it suits.

So, if you’re looking to implement Assignar in your business and want independent advice on whether it’s the best option for you. Let’s chat.

What customers say about Assignar

tradie Experiences

“I would need five more admins in my office, a larger office, larger overhead. I don’t know If we’d be where we’re at right now if we were still working with paper.”
John Avendano
The Barricade Company
“We can now build other systems around [our business], but without Assignar being that core in the middle, we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing today.”
Brett Poole
SBL Solutions
"With Assignar, all communication is through the same portal, so nothing gets lost there. And with all the forms, they don’t need to hand anything into the office either. Everything’s contactless."
Emma West
Aussie Excavators plant hire

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