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fergus for tradies

Fergus is Smart Job Management Software designed for tradesmen by tradesmen. Organise your jobs easily and manage them better with our all-in-one solution.

custom quote templates

Easy-to-build quote templates allows you to create quotes in minutes.


The visual calendar gives a complete overview of jobs booked and allows drag and drop team assignment.

electronic job cards

Easily create and manage digital job cards.

automated timesheets

Start/stop timer or manual entry, syncs with payroll and can report on % hours billed.

gps tracking + logging

See how long team has spent on a job and if they’re on time for next job with real-time tracking and GPS history.

invoice builder

Generate invoices from quotes in a matter of minutes and allows reconciliation and automatic invoicing.


Control your margins by creating tiered markups for different projects. Adjust markups for materials or adjust for one-off clients.


Make a change order or add a variation to a job instantly. Any additions stay linked to the parent job for simple invoicing.

integrations & Fergus pay

Fergus integrates with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB software. Fergus Pay powered by Stripe allows onsite payment.

Is Fergus Right for your business?

want unbiased advice on whether fergus is right for you?

While TradiePad is not currently a training partner with Fergus we do have a deep understanding of how it works, and what businesses it suits.


So, if you’re looking to implement Fergus in your business and want independent advice on whether it’s the best option for you. Let’s chat.

What customers say about Fergus

tradie Experiences

“It was a big call to move from my previous job management system to Fergus! I should have done it years earlier! I could not possibly mention all the benefits I have found since moving to Fergus.”
David Sander
Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas Ltd
“Fergus has changed the way we do business, it has streamlined so many of our old business practices. We don't have staff to do admin work, and it was something I would do after hours. I would go through all of my own notes as well as my teams notes to try and figure out what to charge. Now it’s all in one place, right where I need it when creating invoices.”
Mike Gibson
Northbrook Group LTD
“Such a great program, it has literally cut my office time from 1 day per week to 1 day per month. Cant recommend it enough, great to make jobs easily trackable, paperless while also keeping file of jobs forever. Get into it!”
Blair Findlay
RLS Electrical

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