ServiceM8 – Xero’s App of the Month


TradiePad is excited to learn that Xero had chosen ServiceM8 as their App Partner of the month for October! (Read all about it here.)

ServiceM8 has been one of our recommended apps since the early days of TradiePad. Started by a family of locksmiths in Darwin, we bonded over the common goal of wanting to help tradies run an easier, more efficient business. Both stemming from a background in trades, we understood the pain points related to our industry and shared the belief that there had to be a better way of working. They get it, and this is reflected in the functionality and features of the ServiceM8 app.


“I think, like any business owner, you get the pleasure of seeing what you’ve achieved. There are obviously challenging moments operating a business, any business. But I absolutely love making a difference in a space that I’m passionate about, in an industry that I really love, which is cloud-based and global, and then watching it make a real difference with people’s lives.” KIM FORD


ServiceM8 has now become one of the most popular field service software systems on the market, not only in Australia but internationally. Over the years TradiePad has implemented and trained over 100 businesses on how to use ServiceM8 to its full potential. This has gained us the honourable badge of ServiceM8 Gold Partner! We are excited to be continuing this journey with the team and look forward to watching as this brilliant piece of software evolves.


“With the speed that artificial intelligence and technology is developing it’s a really exciting time to be building software. We are keeping on innovating and trying to remove any manual or admin tasks, so trades and service people can focus their time on doing their job and everything else is done for them,”



Find out more about all the great features ServiceM8 provides on our App Partner Page.

If you are interested in getting set up with ServiceM8, or just need a little training to getting it running properly, contact TradiePad. We’re here to help!


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