ServiceM8 Gold Partner


It is a very exciting day for TradiePad today as we announce that we have reached the elite level of ServiceM8 Gold Partner!

Reaching this level of certification has taken years of work, implementing and providing ServiceM8 training to a large number of tradies and their businesses. We work closely with ServiceM8 on a weekly basis to ensure we are experts on all the features and functions that this job management software can provide to our clients.

It has been a pleasure to grow alongside ServiceM8, both businesses started in 2010 and aligned very early in the piece. It has been exciting to see the growth and success of ServiceM8 from a piece of job management software devised in Darwin to an international success story. We love supporting our fellow Aussies!

If you are interested in learning more about ServiceM8, or would like some ServiceM8 training to get up to speed with all the latest features, TradiePad is here to help. Our Gold Partner Certification ensures that you will be in expert hands and receive the right advice, setup and training to suit your business.




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