What is construction management software?

What is construction management software?

Construction management software is like having a supercharged assistant for your construction projects. It combines multiple digital tools that have been designed to streamline and optimise different aspects of your construction projects, into the one platform. 

Good construction management software will help you plan out schedules, monitor the project budget and safety compliance onsite, provide secure document storage, let your team chat and collaborate easily and can provide detailed project reports to help you run an efficient and profitable building and construction company.

Construction Management Software Features

  1. Job or Project Management
  2. Budgeting and cost control
  3. Document management
  4. Communication and collaboration
  5. Reporting and analytics
  6. Quality and safety Management
  7. Mobile access


1. Job and Project Management

Job and project management tools help you create and manage project schedules, allocate resources, coordinate staff and subcontractors and set project tasks or milestones to ensure a smooth workflow from start to finish.

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2. Budgeting and cost control

Budgeting and cost control features will track project and material expenses, manage project budgets, and generate cost estimates. Detailed project data will help you keep your finger on the pulse of each job, tracking progress, project health and profitability in real time.

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3. Document management

Centralised storage for project documents, plans, contracts, and other important files is important to keep your projects organised. Cloud based storage is the best option for project documents as it provides real time access to your team, allowing everyone access to collaborate using the most up to date plans or documents for the project.


4. Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication tools that allow task assignment and collaboration between your team members, subcontractors, suppliers and clients are crucial for project success. Construction management software stores all correspondence against a job, making it easy to share files and information between stakeholders and provide a complete timeline of the project changes and progress.


5. Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics tools can generate reports on project progress, budget management and staff performance metrics which will help you handle any fluctuating material prices or labour costs as they happen. This data gives you the ability to tweak and refine your processes and pricing to achieve better forecasting and increased profitability.


6. Quality and safety management

Safety modules in construction management software are used to track and ensure compliance with quality standards and safety regulations. Cloud Storage of SWMS, licences, incident reports or safety related documents allows your team to access and submit relevant forms as needed per project.

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7. Mobile access

Many construction management software solutions offer mobile apps, allowing on-site workers to access project information and update statuses in real-time from the field. This results in better communication, collaboration and workflows across the project as a whole.


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