Managing Onsite Health and Safety with Apps

Health and safety is a important factor in tradie businesses and there are multiple different ways to manage it using technology and apps.

There is increasing awareness and responsibility around health and safety among tradie business owners. Technology advancements have brought new options for managing health and safety in businesses. Some businesses may not have any health and safety procedures or documents, requiring assistance to establish compliance. Other businesses may already have some health and safety measures in place using traditional paper-based methods. For businesses with existing documents, the challenge is integrating them into electronic platforms or existing technology systems. There are various work health and safety software available, but it’s essential to consider how they can be incorporated into specific business processes.

Importance of compliance in Health and Safety Documentation [00:03:19]

It is crucial to ensure that health and safety documents are compliant rather than relying on generic or freely available templates found online.

Filling out forms or documentation incorrectly can lead to wasted time or legal issues if an incident occurs.

Builders have different requirements compared to subcontractors when it comes to managing health and safety. Tailored solutions are necessary to meet the specific needs of different businesses.

Challenges in Health and Safety Management [00:04:30]

Some businesses struggle with effectively managing their SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements), risk assessments, and WHS (Work Health and Safety) requirements. Many businesses acknowledge the importance of health and safety but may lack proper systems or use outdated methods such as manual paperwork or Word documents. These are some of the common challenges we see for tradie businesses and are why it is so important to seek guidance from experts and adopting efficient methods.

If you're going to go to the trouble of trying to actually find documentation online you might as well do it once and do it properly and make sure it's compliant because if you're going to be starting to fill out these forms and documentation on site and you have some sort of incident happen and then it does go to end up you know end up being a case and what you've filled out is not correct or you've just wasted your time so making sure those documents and what you're doing is compliant is key.

Electronic Forms for Healthy and Safety Documentation [00:05:03]

Using electronic forms for health and safety documentation instead of manual paperwork will benefit your tradie business by streamlining processes and improving your efficiency. Using electronic forms allows for easier management, storage, retrieval, and analysis of health and safety documentation. They also offer a more efficient way to fill out, submit, track, and update information compared to traditional paper-based methods.

Health and Safety Software and Apps [00:05:40]

Accurate information is crucial for effective work health and safety management in your tradie business and having electronic evidence can be beneficial if there is an incident where legal proceedings occur.

Technology offers various tools for work health and safety management, including standalone platforms or built-in functions within operational software. There are many advancements in software such as dedicated modules or features within software can help make site inductions, toolbox talks, and data collection easier. Choosing the right software will depend on the specific needs and requirements for your tradie business.

That's quite a common thing that we see with software in this space is that you'll have a piece of software that wholly and solely focuses on one particular piece and does it really really well or we'll have a more basic entry level function built in to a system and so it's a matter of making a decision on which well which one do we need.

Demo of Electronic Forms [00:11:54]

Electronic forms allow for easy data collection on-site using devices. Answers to questions are compiled into a document template, typically saved as a PDF file linked to a specific job or project. Forms can incorporate various types of questions such as check boxes, photos, and multiple signatures, the most common are multiple choice questions (yes, no, not applicable).

Standalone forms will require users to switch between apps to fill them out which can lead to them not being completed. Workflow forms which are part of your job management system enforce compliance by requiring users to fill out specific forms as part of their daily tasks.

Different types of forms like SWMS, JSA’s, toolbox talks, site inspections, and incident reports can be built using custom form builders and can be customised to your specific requirements. Completed forms are saved as PDF files associated with specific job records. The saved files provide a chronological history of activities and who filled them out. This feature enhances record-keeping and provides a historical overview of job-related information.

Importance of Safety Culture [00:14:17]

Using forms for compliance is not just about being proactive and compliant but also about looking after your staff. Younger generations entering the workforce prioritise working for safety-conscious companies with a strong safety culture. Creating a solid safety culture in your tradie business will help attract and retain talented staff, especially in industries facing staff shortages.

It's about being proactive it's about being compliant but it's also about looking after staff as well and creating that safety culture within the business.

Apps for Managing Safety [00:15:50]

Safety Culture is one software tool that offers customisable forms, training management, pre-built SWMS, risk assessments, etc.

Other tools like SiteDocs and HazardCo provide their own features and benefits. Construction software like Builder Price has released a work health and safety module with site-specific plans and inductions. Choosing the right tool depends on finding the best fit for business workflow and requirements.

With numerous options available, it can be confusing to choose the right tool for specific requirements. Online product descriptions may oversell capabilities, making it crucial to evaluate which tool suits individual needs best. Consider factors such as compatibility with workflow, ease of use, and meeting specific requirements when making your choice. Consulting with experts who understand different systems can provide valuable insights for making comparisons and help you make an informed decision.

Safety Workflows and Training [00:17:44]

Using software on mobile devices has revolutionised daily tasks, allowing for easier use of job management systems and safety compliance. Developing workflows specific to your business and ensuring everyone understands their roles is vital for successful implementation of any software you introduce into your tradie business. Training plays a crucial role in helping employees adapt to new systems and workflows

Implementing software does not have to be done all at once; starting with basic features and gradually transitioning to more advanced functionalities can be a practical approach. Consider the existing tools you use in your business and how introducing a new software fit into your workflows and current practices. Moving fast with software requires going slower initially to build a solid foundation of knowledge among staff members. Understanding the basics and fundamentals is crucial for effective use of software tools and usually a staged approach is your best bet for a successful implementation.

That's why it sort of puts an emphasis on the importance of okay which tool is going to be best suited for me and why is it going to be suited for me and is it going to cover all my requirements.


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