The Critical Role of proper software and systems setup in business

The business of change management [0:05:55s] TradiePad has worked with thousands of trades and construction businesses to help them transition from old practices to new ones using technology and cloud software. A big part of this transition is change management. Many tradies find it difficult to change from the traditional way of doing things, TradiePad’s guided training […]

New Financial Year Tips for Tradies with Accounts All Sorted

The new financial year is the perfect time for tradie businesses to review the past year and use that information to set new goals and a budget. Consider what is making you money and what tasks could be streamlined with technology or outsourced to save you time moving forwards.

Steps to become a profitable tradie with Profit First For Tradies

Katie from Profit First for Tradies discusses tips to become a profitable tradie using financial planning, job management programs for data reporting, and outsourcing tasks that are not your specialty. What is Profit First FOR Tradies? [0:01:42s] Katie wrote her book “Profit First for Tradies” as an easy to read and useful tool for Tradies, […]

How to improve your trade business WHS with Keep It Simple Group

Knowing your workplace health and safety requirements is important for every tradie business to ensure compliance and create a safe and happy work environment for your employees. Having good safety systems and procedures in place can give business owners piece of mind and help avoid costly legal consequences if a serious accident occurs. changes in workplace health […]

Tradies Guide to Ranking Higher on Google

Watch our tech talk replay on Google Rankings for Tradies Wondering how Google’s algorithm impacts your website’s performance and search rankings? In this session, we’ll address the ever-changing landscape of SEO and demystify the “dark art” it often appears to be. The recent Google algorithm update focuses on improving page experience for users, making factors […]


Danielle from Hello SEO discusses website tips to rank better in Google searches using keywords and how perfect review can help you easily get more positive reviews for your tradie business. Hello SEO and Perfect Review [0:02:12s] Danielle started her company, Hello SEO a few years ago after starting an e-commerce business and realising she […]

Drones In Construction

How to use drones to create great content for your building & construction business Explore the incredible inpact of “Drones in Construction” with Aus Aerial Media. They use drones to help construction and building companies improve their social media presence and promotions. Discover how drones create cool video time-lapses to show project progress, and how […]