Tradify Success story – Miles Astley Electrical Services


When Miles Astley Electrical Service came to TradiePad in August 2019 they were searching for the best software to suit their busy electrical business. At that stage, their processes were primarily paper-based with quotes and timesheets being completed daily with pen and paper, they knew to succeed and scale they needed a better method to run their business.

TradiePad recommended Tradify Job Management Software as the perfect solution to take their business to the next level. Their current manual processes meant quoting and invoicing were major pain points affecting the business, during our personalised training, the team was guided through how to use every element of the job management software to improve the speed, accuracy, and organisation to dramatically improve their business processes.

In this client case study by Tradify, you can read more about the benefits and success that Miles and the team have experienced since implementing Tradify Job Management Software into their business.


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