Preventing Cost Blowouts For Builders With Builda Price

In the fast-paced world of the construction industry, renovation companies and small builders are often faced with daunting challenges. Managing projects, dealing with post-COVID effects, grappling with fixed price contracts, and navigating the impact of extreme weather events and supply chain disruptions can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, advanced technology in the form of new builder software solutions are revolutionizing the industry. We spoke with Builda Price, a new entry into the Australian market about how their system can overcome these challenges.

Embracing Technology to Overcome Challenges

Frequent cost blowouts, financial monitoring, and project management are common pain points in the industry. Cloud-based software systems, however, are changing this narrative. They are helping builders monitor their finances, manage their projects more effectively, and ultimately, maintain profitability.

Tight lending requirements from banks are also adding pressure on builders to provide comprehensive financial reporting. Here, job management systems that integrate with accounting software can make financial reporting more manageable. For builders in regions such as Queensland, this technology can make it easier to comply with mandatory financial reporting requirements.

The Power of Pricing Systems

Pricing systems integrated into cloud software are proving to be an effective way to monitor cost blowouts and forecast the end position of a job. They provide real-time, transparent information, enabling builders to make informed decisions throughout a project’s duration. This level of insight is vital for safeguarding profitability and enhancing future quoting and estimating processes.

One big pain points that we're seeing is cost blowouts on projects and cost blowouts are sometimes through things that are a bit unforeseeable but a lot of time it's just a lack of having the data. It's a lack of having that information available.

Efficiently Tracking Building Projects

Being able to track a project’s progress against the initial price estimate is also essential. Smart reporting tools provide real-time information that is crucial for understanding project performance, allowing timely adjustments as needed. Such tools can identify significant problems and help mitigate them by providing accurate, data-driven insights.


In recent times, cost-plus contracts have seen an increase in popularity among builders, given the many changes and material cost increases. Handling cost-plus work requires careful management, necessitating the proper tracking of all costs, including labor hours and supplier invoices. Builda Price is a software that makes the management of cost-plus contracts much more straightforward.


Even if you can't fix it on this job, let's make sure we really understand it so that you can fix it on the next job and you're not making that same mistake again and again so it's about having some really smart reporting and having it in real time.

Streamlining Invoicing and Budget Management

Invoicing is another area where technology can significantly streamline operations. By using software solutions, builders can automate the invoicing process, eliminating the need for manual entry. This efficiency helps prevent potential issues or missed charges.

Advanced software also includes pricing tools for creating budgets or starting construction projects from scratch. Moreover, these solutions can integrate with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition that doesn’t disrupt current workflows.

Comprehensive financial reporting is a cornerstone feature of software solutions like Builda Price. Providing builders with insights into profitability, areas of improvement, and valuable financial information for insurance companies and banks.

One of the real differences between Builda Price and other tools that are in the market is that management of the cost plus but also that depth of integration into Xero for both timesheets and payroll and the supplier invoices and that's one of the real gaps that we see in other products.

Interested in learning more?

To help companies adapt to these technological innovations, many Builda Price offer foundational training through TradiePad. Check out the Kickstarter Builda Price package, designed as your stepping stone into the world of powerful project management and financial tracking. Get foundational training and gain crucial knowledge to harness the Builda Price software effectively. Book a call to learn more today.

As your trusty training sidekick, TradiePad provides comprehensive guidance and assistance, ensuring your smooth transition into and successful use of this digital space. Don’t let your monthly software subscriptions go to waste; master it with the right support and training.

Construction comes with its fair share of risks and pressures. Our mission? Helping builders like you reap the deserved returns while elevating your overall lifestyle. 


Darren Wallbank - Builda Price

Darren is the Executive Chairman at Builda Price, a cloud software program designed to help drive long term profitability for Australian and New Zealand construction businesses.

Clinton Cowin - TradiePad MD

Clinton is driven by a passion to help the construction and field services industries evolve through the use of technology and education.

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