How to Scale up your Tradie Business in 3 Steps

Software is an asset to your business that provides important data essential if you want to scale up your tradie business successfully. Data gives you an overview of how your business is currently positioned, help you set business goals for steady growth and can highlight processes that need streamlining to increase your profits.

3 Steps to Scale up your Tradie Business

  1. Use data to set goals and scale up your business
  2. Constantly review processes and streamline
  3. Have a green and growing mentality of constant learning and improvement




1. Set Realistic Goals Using Data

Software provides you with lots of data so put it to good use! Use the data to gain a clear picture of where your business currently stands and analyse your strengths and weaknesses, then set a couple of clear goals you would like to achieve for the year.

What’s the big picture? Make sure your goals are measurable and attainable.

To help you stay on track, break the big yearly goal down into smaller goals which need to be achieved by the end of each quarter and keep track of your progress. You can use KPI’s (Key performance indicators) to help achieve your goals or if you want some professional guidance we can recommend some awesome tradie business coaches to guide the way.


2. Streamline Business Processes

Constantly review your processes, can anything be streamlined to save you time and money?

  • Has your software released any new updates which change the way you are working?
  • Some software provide time saving kits so you can quickly quote on similar work, are you taking advantage of all the features you’re paying for in your subscription?
  • Do a cost management review, what you are paying for in materials, research different suppliers to see if you can get a better price without sacrificing quality.
  • Review your project progression and job activity, are there any bottlenecks in your process? Ask your team for ideas on how these can be solved?



3. Keep Learning

The world today is a fast paced place, technology, services and trends are constantly shifting. As a progressive business it’s super important to have a green and growing mentality if you want to remain competitive. Tune into podcasts, join relevant trade facebook groups or build a team of dedicated outsourced specialists who will keep you up to date with all the things you need to know to stay progressive.

Commit to educating yourself and your team on new technologies or products, learning shouldn’t finish at trade school! Build a team of trained experts that you can be proud of and a culture in your company that staff want to stay and be a part of.



For more tips on how technology can kick goals for your business, download our

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