Getting paid just got easier with ServiceM8!

Sick of chasing unpaid invoices? Get paid on the spot each time you complete a job with contactless payments using just your iPhone and the ServiceM8 app! 

ServiceM8 job management software has just released the Tap to Pay on iPhone function in Australia. Tap to Pay allows you to use your iPhone to receive in-person payment from physical credit or debit cards, Apple pay or any other cards stored in a digital wallet or wearables. And it’s super easy to use!


Tap to Pay on iPhone means you will no longer need to carry around a seperate payment terminal or Eftpos machine, all you will need is the iPhone in your pocket and the ServiceM8 app! Talk about convenient!

The ability to take payments onsite improves your business cashflow and will cut down on all those hours wasted chasing overdue invoices. You can even approve the invoice and payment details in your accounting software while still onsite, streamlining your business efficiency and productivity further during working hours. 

Worried about security? Tap to Pay on iPhone is protected by the same tech as Apple Pay so you can feel confident that your transactions will stay private and secure. For optimal effect and added security, we recommend that you always make sure your phone is running on the latest iOS version. 

There are only a couple minor catches. Tap to Pay on iPhone will only work on the iPhone XS model or later as they have NFC (Near-Field Communications) hardware built into the device which is the tech that allows Tap to Pay work. If you’re an iPad user unfortunately this feature isn’t going to work for you, it’s exclusively for iPhone.

How to Setup ServiceM8 Tap to Pay

Only the account owner or staff member with Business owner security role can enable Tap to Pay on iPhone on your ServiceM8 account.

  1. Download the latest version of the ServiceM8 app
  2. Follow the prompts to Enable Tap to Pay on iPhone or Open a job card, go to Billing, tap “Add Payment”, then “Enable Tap to Pay on iPhone”
  3. Confirm your Business details.
  4. Connect (or create) your Stripe account.
  5. Confirm the Apple ID you want linked to your Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  6. Start taking contactless payments!


How to Setup ServiceM8 Tap to Pay for staff

Once Tap to Go has been enabled by Business owner it can be enabled on each staff members iPhone. For staff to be able to use Tap to Pay on iPhone they will need a security role in ServiceM8 which gives them access to pricing and the ability to take payments in the field.

  1. Download the latest version of the ServiceM8 app
  2. Follow the prompts to Enable Tap to Pay on iPhone or Open a job card, go to Billing, tap “Add Payment”, then “Enable Tap to Pay on iPhone”
  3. Wait until iPhone and ServiceM8 connect to the business’s Stripe account (as set by the business owner who originally enabled Tap to Pay for iPhone on the account).
  4. Done!

Accepting payments with ServiceM8 Tap to Pay on iPhone

  1. Open the ServiceM8 app on your iPhone
  2. Check out of the job and in billing view, finalise the items to be charged on the invoice
  3. Tap ‘Add Payment” then select “Tap to Pay on iPhone”
  4. Customer holds their card, mobile device or wearable over the contactless Symbol on your iPhone for a few seconds. Customer will be prompted to enter a PIN if required.
  5. A “Done” checkmark will appear once transaction is complete.
  6. Send your client their paid PDF invoice via email or SMS

Transactions will appear in your account within 2 business days. Transaction charges for Australian tradies is 1.95% of the transaction amount + 45 cents. This is automatically deducted from the transaction amount when it is deposited into your bank account.


If you have been considering ServiceM8 job management software for your trade business, or need a little help getting this new feature up and running, let’s chat!

TradiePad is a ServiceM8 gold partner that can help you get the most out of every feature and function of the software.

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