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Maintaining a steady stream of work is a must for any trade business. Having access to a network of trusted tradies to draw on when looking for new jobs for your business, or hiring other trades to help with projects, is essential. But where do you start?

Sure, you might have a few contacts in your phone to call on, but ringing around takes time and there isn’t always the guarantee that your contractors will be available when you need them. We’ve all been in that awful situation where a contractor hasn’t turned up as planned and it’s holding up everyone else on site. Downtime is costly and that’s one reason why growing your network of trusted tradies is so important.

In our recent Tech Talk, we chat with Chris and Stu from Goodwork, a professional networking app for tradies. With 37,000 tradies across Australia, covering more than 70 different trades in the network, joining the Goodwork will allow you to connect and build relationships with tradies in your local area on a secure and free platform. This is an easy way to expand your contacts and gain new job opportunities and the best bit? It won’t cost you a cent!

Goodwork allows you to post jobs, apply for jobs and find new staff all for free. You create a portfolio of your licenses, certifications, skills and location so other tradies can connect with you for work. That’s one of the biggest differences of this network, it isn’t customer-facing. It’s built for tradies to connect with tradies, so unlike platforms like Instagram and Facebook, your portfolio images don’t need to be perfectly finished, architectural shots to gain attention. Nobody will appreciate that perfect weld or amazing dovetail like another tradie that knows just how hard it is to achieve! Progress shots and maintenance work can really shine on this platform, it’s all about showing what you do and how you do it.

Need help on a project? List the details on the app and select what type of trades you need then Goodwork will send out a ping to any local tradies that match your request. You can then look at their portfolio of work online, check their licenses, certifications and testimonials before having a chat to decide who is going to work best with you.

Check out the Tech Talk we did with the boys for a full run-through of the app and its features. We think it’s a seriously awesome app that will help you, as a tradie, build your business for free. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post in any way, shape, or form! Just sharing awesome things to help our fellow tradies run a stress-free, profitable business!


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