The Critical Role of proper software and systems setup in business

The business of change management [0:05:55s]

TradiePad has worked with thousands of trades and construction businesses to help them transition from old practices to new ones using technology and cloud software. A big part of this transition is change management. Many tradies find it difficult to change from the traditional way of doing things, TradiePad’s guided training helps make this transition easier and will have a significant impact on how the business operates.

Maximising software usage [7:59]

Many businesses have job management systems but struggle to utilise them effectively or aren’t using all the features. In most cases this is due to lack of education or training.

Investing time and money in setting up software correctly will provide a significant return on your investment. Without proper guidance, businesses may switch between different software options without realising they already had a suitable solution.

TradiePad helps businesses overcome these challenges and maximise the benefits of software.

Effects on staff and productivity [08:43]

Technology allows businesses to track profitability and identify areas where they are making money. Properly implemented technology can increase your staff performance, productivity and happiness.

Staff satisfaction is crucial, and software rollouts should be handled carefully to avoid overwhelming employees. Providing dedicated training to staff on the software helps them to understand how to use the new system and what is expected from them moving forwards.

You can't just expect someone to pick up an app and know how to use it. You need to give them a little bit of training and explain why we are doing this, the benefits, and what they need to do.

Investing in technology and training [09:02]

Finding the right technology is essential and the best way to do that is by hiring specialists who understand the specific needs of trades and construction businesses.

Tradies should be actively seeking solutions to workflow problems rather than accepting inefficiencies in the business. Investing in technology, proper setup, and training will bring significant returns for your business.

Benefits of improved time management [11:48]

Tradies often overlook the long-term consequences of neglecting their physical and mental health due to being consumed by their current tasks.

Implementing a reliable system takes effort and training but significantly alleviates stress by eliminating the need to remember everything. Having a system that organises information, tasks, and to-do items reduces the mental burden and allows you to better focus on important matters.

By allocating 10 to 12 hours per week for effective time management, individuals can experience positive changes in their mental well-being and business efficiency.

Importance of proper software implementation [13:22]

Software companies excel at building software but often lack comprehensive training programs. This is where specialised training companies like TradiePad play a crucial role. We collaborate with software companies to ensure proper implementation, change management, staff training, best practices adoption, integration with other tools, and overall optimisation.

Selecting suitable software is really just the beginning; there are additional steps required to make sure you reap all the potential benefits. Customisation is key to aligning the software with your specific business processes and simplifying operations. Integrations are essential for efficient bookkeeping and providing profitability reports and analysis.

Time recording and recording costs against the job is key because it leads into job costing and being able to run a profitable business.

Time tracking for business [16:49]

Accurate time tracking is crucial for businesses, especially if you do project-based work. Labor costs make up a significant portion of projects, so tracking time helps in comparing estimated costs with actual costs. By using a proper system, tradies can track time, costs, expenses, labor, and materials on a project.

Scheduling plays a significant role in recording time accurately. Job management systems with scheduling functions help workers know what they need to log their time against.  For businesses new to job-level time tracking, it is important to keep the process simple and not overcomplicate it. Training staff on how to use time tracking apps and explaining the benefits can improve adoption and accuracy.

Some businesses also use time tracking to measure how much time they spend on quoting or preparing project proposals. This helps them justify additional charges if more work is done than initially estimated.

Impact of accurate data on decision making [23:38]

The ability to collect and analyse data is crucial for making informed decisions in today’s industry, without it businesses may not know where they stand with their jobs or if they are profitable. It is important for tradies to collect data about their work processes and performance in order to analyse their businesses effectively.

Accurate data helps identify if certain types of work are profitable or if adjustments need to be made in quoting rates or allowing more time for specific components. Having access to reporting tools that compare quoted costs with actual costs helps analyse accuracy in your quoting rates.

Having a breakdown of estimated hours versus actual hours and allocated costs for subcontractors, plant hire, and materials allows for proactive decision-making during a project. With accurate information throughout a project, businesses can evaluate if they need to adjust rates or allocate more time for specific aspects of jobs. This prevents nasty surprises at the end and allows for adjustments to be made along the way.

So many businesses are winging their numbers. They're making it so much harder for themselves by not having these systems and cold hard data in place.

Understanding the importance of job management systems and training [29:47]

It is crucial to invest time and effort into understanding numbers and utilising them effectively.

Proper utilisation of job management systems and investing in training can have numerous advantages. Data from job management systems provides choices and options, allowing for better decision-making in your trade business.

Many tradies underestimate their potential due to lack of training, but with support and guidance, they can excel.


Integrating job management systems with accounting packages allows for tracking actual costs of materials and labour. This integration streamlines processes, reduces double handling, and ensures all expenses are captured against specific jobs or projects.

Automation capabilities have improved significantly, enabling seamless transfer of supplier invoices from the job management system to the accounting package.

Setting up workflows correctly is critical for efficient data capture and accurate reporting. With accurate time and material cost tracking, businesses can confidently analyse their costs against each job. 


A well-functioning system should have a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Any disruptions or obstacles in the process indicate that the system is not set up correctly. Seeking help from specialists who deal with these systems on a daily basis can ensure proper setup and functionality.

Software companies may provide assistance with their own software but may not address issues beyond that. Specialists like TradiePad bridge the gap by understanding different software programs and how the data should flow between them with integrations.

Proper setup at the start will reduce time wastage and unnecessary expenses, resulting in better returns on your investment.

We work closely with software companies because they realise the benefit that we bring in being able to do a proper implementation and rollout into a business with change management.

finding the right software solution [37:51]

TradiePad can evaluate the suitability of a client’s current software and suggest improvements or optimizations. For those seeking new software, we assist in finding the most suitable option.

The first step is reaching out for an introductory call where tradies can discuss their needs. During the call, TradiePad’s team gathers information about the client’s business operations, current software usage, and existing problems.

The potential outcomes of working with TradiePad include increased profitability, time savings, and improved work-life balance.

Embracing technology for business success [41:01]

Technology as an excellent tool for better visibility and efficiency in your tradie business.

The worst-case scenario for a business is not having visibility on its profitability. Lack of profitability can lead to the failure of a business, affecting everyone involved such as owners, staff, family, and friends.

By embracing technology, businesses can gain access to more data, achieve bigger results faster, and save time. Start thinking of technology as just another “Big Ticket” tool you need to use daily in running your businesses.



KATIE CRISMALE- MARSHALL - Profit First For Tradies

Katie teaches tradies real-world financial strategies through speaking, authorship and master classes.


Clinton is driven by a passion to help the construction and field services industries evolve through the use of technology and education.


Scott is a driving force behind our vision for change in the industry and is committed to helping tradies adopt technology to transform their business processes.

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