Technology and software for contractors


TradiePad recently sat down with Trade Business Success to share our thoughts and insights into the benefits of technology and cloud software for tradies. It’s our favourite topic to talk about as we see day in, day out the positive effect implementing these systems into your trade business can achieve.

Topics we covered:

  • The greatest mistake in choosing software
  • How to get team buy-in with new software
  • The biggest challenge of implementing software
  • Why training your team is so important for success
  • How software creates a better customer experience


Check out the interview in full below. If you are keen to know more about results our clients have seen after implementing technology, check out our clients’ page for customer case studies across various trades.



Discover what benefits leveraging the right tech solution can provide to your trade business, book a free 15-minute call with TradiePad today.

To learn more about Trade Business Success coaching services, visit their website:

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