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Tradies are a vital part of keeping Australian society going, as we do everything from installing heaters and unblocking sewerage systems, to helping in-home repairs. The good news is that you can get paid handsomely with the tradie industry here in Australia quite lucrative. Sydney-based plumber Alex Taskun, for instance, makes $12,000 a week — and thankfully is the rule rather than the exception. But there’s a caveat: To earn big, you’ve got to get plenty of work done, and that can mean working longer hours (14–15 hours a day in the case of Taskun).

This means you need to maximise every single minute you’re putting in so you can be more productive day in and day out in order to get more work done. The productivity tips below will help you do just that, and will in turn revolutionise your operations. The end result is you getting the pay you deserve.

Plan out your days

Planning is central to productivity, as it gives you a clear picture on how to approach your working days. To do this, simply list down all your tasks for the day or week, and then prioritise them in the order in which they need to be finished. But, when possible, consider scheduling your least favourable tasks first. This way, you’ll get the harder tasks out of the way early, and will have something to look forward to before you call it a day. This limits procrastination, and keeps you from getting stressed at the day’s end.

Leverage technology where possible

As discussed in our previous article ‘Transform Your Operations with Technology for Tradies’, technology is crucial to staying relevant and competitive in business. That’s because innovative solutions help streamline operations and improve productivity. In fact, a report on ‘The Rise of the Digital Tradie’ details how tech-savvy tradies are now benefitting from a range of technologies such as cloud computing and workplace management software. With that in mind, look to figure out the tech solutions that will help you the most, and then use them accordingly. In case you need help, download the TradiePad Tech Toolbox Guide for expert advice in choosing the right tech for your business.

Put a premium on safety

You can’t be productive when you’re hurt and a tradie needs to be extra careful both on and off a site. While most know how to protect themselves while on a site, they may be unaware of the potential for long-term injuries when driving to and from their jobs. A good start would be to educate yourself and your employees on vehicle ergonomics. Pain Free Working recommends reclining your vehicle seat between 100-110 degrees to reduce pressure on your lower back and moving your seat a bit forward so that your back stays firmly on the backrest. In this way you’ll lower your risk of developing back pain and long term discomfort. Then at work, make sure you are always wearing the right personal protective equipment. Other safety tips to keep in mind, as discussed in the previous blog on ‘5 Essential Tips for Tradies’, include practising correct manual handling, assuming that a site is always live, and taking regular breaks. By keeping safe, you’ll minimise your risk of injury, and avoid missing days at work.

Outsource where necessary

You can’t do everything on your own, more so when business picks up. This is why you must outsource some of your tasks! You can, for instance, hire other tradies to help you out on a job, or do at-home servicing while you’re in the middle of a big project. It’s an added expense, but it can help you accomplish more and potentially increase your chances of winning over new clients. If you’re having second thoughts, you can at least outsource repetitive administrative tasks, like listing client information and invoicing.

Tradies are among the most sought after professionals in the country, and that means plenty of earning opportunities. The competition, however, is fierce. This is why you need to be as productive as possible since it’s a way to get ahead, and potentially sign up more clients.

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