Drones: The new it tool for tradies

Drones: The new ‘it’ tool for tradies

3 ways tradies can use drones on-site



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Drones are gaining wide adoption in the construction industry today – and for good reason. With the help of drones, tradies can capture valuable footage and use it to better coordinate teams, track and communicate project progress, and market their services.

It may seem futuristic but with many inexpensive options available, drones are now an affordable yet effective tool which tradies can use to impress and expand their services to clients.

With that in mind, TradiePad has collated the top three areas where drones can help your trade business.

1. Marketing and Communications

Video marketing has quickly become a favourite tool for digital marketers. Why? Because it converts. In research conducted by WordStream, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. As the saying goes, “If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video tells a million.” Drones are a simple tool you can use to effectively communicate your trade to potential and current customers. Take content production and marketing back into your own hands and use a medium that works; capture detailed, close-up images that are impossible to get from the ground and use them to promote your business.

As consumers increasingly engage with businesses online, it is essential to provide potential customers with valuable content that draws their attention. A great way to do this is with video content. Video can help your content ‘speak’ to social and search platform algorithms helping to increase your reach, engagement and eventually, sales.

Drone videos are an excellent way to communicate project progress or provide a visual overview of completed jobs to your clients or potential clients. Video footage of your work is not only an impressive way to showcase your skills, it also assists you to clearly communicate the job to clients.


2. Real-time site modelling

With the addition of third-party software like thermal cameras, mapping tools and GPS units, drones can help bridge the gap between design and construction; developing real-time 3D spaces you can use to better manage construction sites.

As drones provide a detailed bird’s eye view, you can get accurate real-time measurements without risking employee health and safety. Not only that, through 3D modelling technology you can accurately depict project progress back to designers and clients while weeding out any roadblocks in the construction process.

3. Health and safety

According to Safe Work Australia, tradies make up 30% of the workforce but represent 58% of serious claims. Drones can help tackle this statistic by streaming live footage from on-site back to base. This can reduce time spent inspecting risks and offer real-time assurance to project and on-site managers around health and safety hazards. Drones can help you to identify on-site risks before they affect project budgets or more importantly, people.

Drones are positively changing the construction industry, offering better ways to project manage, market, and assure employee health and safety. Providing additional value to not only your business but to your clients. In a world where customer experience is everything, this is a huge value to your clients and could keep them coming back for more.

Learn how to advance your on-site operations and communications using drones in our free, recorded Tech Talk webinar, Drones in Construction. We cover what you need to know to get started and gain a positive return on a drone investment.

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