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Andrew and Nadia Solomon are the owners of Jindabyne Refrigeration, specialists in air conditioning and refrigeration services for the Snowy Mountains and Monaro region of NSW. With job management software already in place which wasn’t ticking all the boxes for their business, they came to TradiePad for advice on a better fit solution.

We chatted with Andrew and Nadia about the results they have had after swapping over to Ascora.


Established in September 2012, Jindabyne Refrigeration offers servicing, installation, maintenance and repairs to refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for both domestic and commercial clients. Rain, hail, shine or snow their team of experts travel to the most challenging of locations to service clients in a 250km radius around Jindabyne. You won’t meet many other tradies who sometimes travel by snowmobile or chairlift to their jobs!!

In addition to these services, Jindabyne Refrigeration also offers ice machine and refrigeration sales plus a Mobile Bar Hire and Coolroom Hire service. Recently they partnered with Australia’s largest installer of Beer Dispensing Equipment, Andale, expanding their offering to include a range of beer plumbing services. A very clever business move when you consider how high the demand for a watering hole is on the ski fields!

With so many different aspects to their business, you can see why it was so important for Andrew and Nadia to streamline their process and automate as much as possible. They were using Xero Accounting software and had tried two different job management programmes, but were yet to find a solution which met the needs of their unique business model.


With a few tradesmen out on the road one of the biggest issues was having to constantly follow up on our job sheets being filled in and returned. Our tradesmen would have to come back to home base at least once a day to drop these in – such a waste of precious time. 



Jindabyne Refrigeration came to us after a recommendation from local tradesman, and TradiePad client Snowy River Plumbing and Gas. They were looking for a solution which would remove paper timesheets from their business, track the progress of jobs and the time spent on each, plus have the ability to record any warranty or equipment details associated with each job. After reviewing all the separate avenues of their business and what they hoped to achieve, TradiePad recommended Ascora as the best fit solution for their business.

One year down the track and Jindabyne Refrigeration are really seeing the benefits of this software. Access to real-time data provides Andrew and Nadia with visibility over their entire business, allowing them to see where they could improve and streamline their service and ensuring no missed or forgotten jobs. The team out in the field now use their iPhones to check in and out of jobs, recording every minute of travel and work without the need for paper timesheets, saving the team trips back to the main office and the business owners time chasing missing or incomplete paperwork. Ascora also integrates seamlessly with their accounting system Xero, providing the perfect flow of information between the field, office and accounts.


“The equipment register is very important to our business. Not only are we able to record the equipment details of each customer, we are also able to create future servicing dates for each piece of equipment. This is very significant to the longevity of our business – we are securing future work for our business. It is also very convenient for our customers who do appreciate being reminded about their equipment that may need servicing.”



The result is a business that can now concentrate on the future and have time to explore areas where they can increase revenue through the services they provide. Since implementing Ascora, Nadia notes that cash flow is at an all-time high thanks to their streamlined processes. The training provided by TradiePad has allowed their staff to confidently use Ascora, giving them the tools they need to complete tasks more efficiently. She has noticed that staff are happier and more productive in their roles, cutting time spent on tasks in half in majority of cases. What a result!


“Overall our business as a whole is much more organised and prepared – I have in turn seen an increasing improvement in customer satisfaction which makes us very happy.”



Jindabyne Refrigeration currently employs a team of seven staff with the view to expand. They look forward to continuing to provide a specialist service to their local area and growing the business to meet increasing demand. Cloud software has allowed them the opportunity to constantly review and improve on their processes and strive to reach an elite level of customer satisfaction. It has also freed up more time to dedicate to the continued education and training of their team so that they will always provide the highest level of service to their clients.

We asked Andrew and Nadia what they would say to other companies who are considering implementing technology into their business?


“If you are even slightly considering it – act on it! The longer you wait the more time you are wasting. Make sure you spend the time setting your system up the way you want it, the way it would work for you! The time you spend now will be time you save later.”



If you are interested to find out more about Andrew and Nadia’s progress and what their company is up to now, you can follow Jindabyne Refrigeration on Facebook.

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