Case Study


NSW based Electrical Business Astley Electrical discusses how TradiePad helped them to find the perfect software solution for their business and the benefits they have seen since the implementation of Tradify job management software.

The Challenge

Getting up to speed with tech as the next generation takes over

Miles Astley and his two sons headed up a niche team of electricians and apprentices, but were spending 7 days a week working dealing with manual administration tasks, and losing paperwork.


My two eldest boys Aaron and Ben are Directors of the company. We’ve got a niche team of electricians and apprentices that look after primarily the high end of Sydney.” Miles shares.


“Being in the trade for forty years you tend to learn a lot and as the business was growing and the boys got more actively involved thier needed to be something that gave them the ability to have my knowledge without me being there.”


Before we implemented technology into the business, I used to do everything pen and paper. The boys said I don’t know how you did it Dad, take phone calls, do the quoting, do everything! “

We always used to lose job sheets cause we’d have to write them all out by hand"

The Solution

Finding the right software

“I started to see myself taking more of a role in the business as an owner. I started to see a lot of gaps that needed to be filled, processes brought in to bring us up with the current technology. Someone mentioned TradiePad would help us find a system that would try and streamline our business. That led to them pointing us down the road of Tradify,” says Aaron.

It’s given me time back, physical time back, you know? Rather than working seven days a week, I can work five."

The Result

increased profit margins

“It’s obviously working because our profit margins are increasing and that’s because we’re taking more work on because our efficiencies have gone up. It gives us the cashflow to buy more vehicles, expand the business and it allows me personally to do some of the things that for years and years haven’t been able to do cause all I’ve done is slog myself silly to maintain the business rather than grow it.” Miles shares.


Aaron adds, “I’d recommend TradiePad because they have the experience with all the different softwares. That’s why I went to them. Having a company that has that experience with software was much easier.”

You need to have an operating system to manage your business, you just can’t fly by the seat of your pants. If you haven’t got the technology, you’re two steps behind."

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