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From 1st July 2022 licenced tradies across Australia will be able to work interstate under the Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupational Registrations (AMR) scheme (also known as JobPass) cutting out the usual red tape involved with licence application process and additional fees.

The AMR JobPass scheme allows licenced and registered tradies within the building and construction sector to automatically be recognised and able to work across borders under the one licence. This is particularly great news for the long-suffering border community tradies, who constantly fought the challenge of completing work minutes away that fell across state or territory borders!

From July 1 the AMR will apply to all states and territories of Australia except for Queensland, which is yet to join the scheme. The purpose of the Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupational Registrations (AMR) JobPass scheme is to help ease the skill trades shortage across Australia, allowing tradies an increased opportunity to go where the work is and source interstate staff.


What is AMR?

The AMR scheme allows tradies to work interstate temporarily without the need to apply or pay for a second licence. Please note that the AMR scheme only applies to individual occupational licences, not company licences.

Tradies working interstate will still need to comply with local laws and regulations in that State or Territory.


AMR Eligibility

Each State and Territory has different eligibility requirements you will need to be aware of but for all, you must hold a current licence or registration in your home state or territory that covers the activity you intend to do.

You may also need to:

  • notify the relevant authority of your intent to practice
  • meet and maintain financial public protection requirements (such as insurance, fidelity funds, trust accounts, and minimum financial requirements)
  • must not be subject to disciplinary action or have conditions on their registration as a result of disciplinary, civil or criminal action


AMR State Guide

You can find out more about AMR JobPass eligibility in different states and territories via the links below.


Please note Queensland is currently not part of the AMR scheme meaning you will still be required to apply for a second licence to work in this state.

If you are interested in accessing the scheme, use the information above to familiarise yourself with the basic AMR scheme details and requirements, then contact the state or territory regulator where you intend to work for further information.

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