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It’s no secret that technology can help businesses of all kinds to streamline how they run, optimising growth and boosting profits. For the tradie industry, there are a lot of options to choose from, and you may be wondering: am I using the right tech here? Is this really the best solution for my business or am I missing out on something better?

recent study discovered that tradies throughout Australia who embrace digital technologies are seeing significant boosts in their business. 

“Driven by millennials and younger Australians, innovative technologies are beginning to powerfully transform the way tradies and consumers conduct business,” says David Vitek, co-founder and CEO of hipages, the organisation that commissioned the research. “This research showed market demand for digital services that optimise their engagements for a better, smoother experience.”

Although there’s no question that you need to harness technology for your tradie business, sometimes the toughest task is choosing which tech will fit your business requirements best. We looked at that recently with our Tech Toolbox Guide – and now we’re offering insights around the kind of tech that will be the game-changer for your business.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve developed a new guide: Game-changing business insights: 5 ways technology can kick goals for your trade business. It looks at how implementing the right technology allows you to optimise the way your business runs: you can gain efficiencies, create better overall performance, boost productivity and drive more business to your door. It’s the game-changer that’s reshaping our industry.

The guide outlines these five key points:

1: Improving your business efficiency
Using automation, accessibility to information, better teamwork and collaboration, your business will run more efficiently and significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you’ve been wading through.

2: Creating your winning team
This section looks at why job and project management features need to be a key part of your business management software. If you can improve task allocation across the team, as well as use a time tracking feature, it will enhance your planning and team communication.

3: Achieving and maintaining profitability
One of the main drivers for tradies wanting to launch their own business, this section looks at how to use data, reporting and integrated software. It outlines how with the services of expert accountants you can then use that data to significantly boost your profits.

4: All-important customer communication
Almost as key to doing the job right is how you communicate with your customers. This section looks at the various ways the right tech can help you improve communication with your customers and suppliers.

5: Making it to the top league
In order to grow your business, you need to set goals, constantly find ways to streamline your business processes and make the time to keep learning – tech is constantly evolving and it’s essential that tradies keep up with it.

Technology is disrupting business models across all industries and sectors. Tradies are no exception; in fact, tradie-specific tech is constantly growing with continual innovation and new solutions being released all the time. With the advent of the Covid-19 era, it’s become even more critical for tradies to use technology to ensure business continuity and enable communication. The winning tactic is identifying the right kind of tech for what you do. Put these tips into practice and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

Remember, TradiePad are here to help. We’re a technology training organisation built by tradies, for tradies and we’ll help you transform your business operations so you can enjoy life-changing efficiency and greater personal freedom.


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