4 tips on how Tradies can improve Customer Communication

Great customer communication is key to the success of every tradie business and it is easier than you think! Technology can help make your client communication super easy with instant digital quotes and invoices, automated job and payment reminders and the ability to promote your products and services to existing and new clients.



How do I create and maintain happy customers?

Customers are always searching for good, reliable service. Aside from doing quality work, having excellent communication with your clients is the best way to win them over, but this can get difficult when you’re on the tools and jumping between jobs all day. Here’s where a job management system can really help! 

Effective communication will keep your customers updated and in the loop, so all you need to do is turn up on time and do what you do best. Keep in mind that the tools can only go so far, sometimes there needs to be a bit of a shift in mindset to make customer service and communication your number 1 priority. The old days of saying you’ll be there “sometime in the morning” and then rocking up at 5pm without any communication is a quick way to a poor review.


4 Top Tips for Customer Communication

  • Automated and effective client communications
  • Instant digital quotes and invoices
  • Re-marketing to current clients
  • Use data to identify your ideal client

1. Great communication

Nobody likes to have their time wasted, especially clients. Job management systems allow you to keep in constant contact with your clients with automated booking confirmations, booking reminders and even text messages to let your customers know when you’re on the way to the job. 

The job and contact data stored in the software allows you to be organised and know what tools and materials you will need for the job, any special access details to the site and most importantly, the client details so you can greet them, their kids or their dog by name on arrival. This blows people away!

Once the job is done, follow up with them for feedback, how did we go? Is there anything else we can help with? Invite your happy customers to review your business on Google or Facebook. All these actions will make your company appear more professional and personable which is bound to be a hit with customers.



2. Professional quotes and invoices

Cloud software allows you to instantly provide digital quotes and invoices to clients, customised with your company logo and details. These can even be sent when you are still onsite and digitally signed by the client to accept on the spot!

Unlike the paper alternatives, digital quotes and invoices are stored in your cloud software, allowing you to keep track of their progress, following up with automated emails or texts when invoices become overdue.



3. Reselling to customers

Did you know that finding a new customer costs three times as much as selling to a current one? All the customer data you collect for each job is a gold mine for your business to re market to. It gives you access to a record of the complete job history of a customer. 

Using cloud software you can set up recurring, repetitive jobs, send automatic maintenance reminders or simply promote your products and services. 

  • Are there any follow on products or services you can sell to that client? 
  • Do you have a special offer on a product or service they previously used?  Let your database know!
  • Do you have repeat or loyal customers? Show them how much you appreciate them.


Use your client data to figure out who your ideal customer is and then tailor your marketing message to find more exactly like them.

4. use data to identify the ideal client


All the information you enter into your software can produce amazing reports that will help you work out the customers who you should be communicating with more. These are customers who:

  • Are the easiest jobs to convert.
  • Have less blow outs and give you better margins.
  • Are more likely to repeat purchase and give you a higher average customer value.
  • Are generally easier to work with, and make your job easier.

Want to know how this could work for you? Have a chat to our team.



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