4 Ways To Make Your Trade Business More Efficient

The right technology will enable four keys to improving business efficiency in your tradie business through automation, accessibility and collaboration.

What do I need to make my business more efficient?

Most tradies are guilty of storing a bunch of business information in their head or in a traditional paper diary, which is only natural as these are the main tools we’ve had available to use. As the business grows this creates a bottleneck and can put major strain on the business owner, it massively impacts the productivity of the team and has the potential to seriously restrict growth or even derail the whole business.

The result will be poor performance and potentially unhappy customers, and no business wants that.

Here are the top 4 Business Efficiency Game Changers:

  • Automate mundane admin tasks
  • Replace paperwork with cloud based systems
  • Accessible real time data for the whole team
  • Collaboration tools and strategies for clear communication between workmates, subbies and customers, and leveraging the skills and knowledge of partners and advisors.




Slash Admin Time With Automation

Regardless of what type of work you do, there is guaranteed to be loads of paperwork and admin that goes along with it. Not really the job you signed up for, but a necessary evil all the same. Good news is many of those repetitive daily admin tasks can now be automated with cloud software, allowing you to focus on getting the job done and creating a happy customer base. Some examples include:

  • Automated data entry of work orders and job creation
  • Supplier bills importing
  • Timesheets against jobs creating weekly timesheets
  • Automated client communication for appointment reminders, quote and invoice follow ups, recurring job reminders, RFI and selection deadlines, schedule/appointment changes etc
  • Automated maintenance scheduling of customer asset and equipment



Get a job management system that fits with your business needs

A job or project management system will become that central source of information for all your work, meet the new brain of your business! Cloud based systems provide real time data which is accessible to you and your staff whether you are in the office or onsite out in the field. No more calling your staff to find out where a job is up to or wasted time returning to the office to access customer of job information.

The majority of software programs work across multiple devices allowing you and the team access to all the information you need with whatever device you have in hand, be it a mobile phone, iPad or computer.

Being cloud based also eliminates paperwork and double handling, allowing a more timely and streamlined method of communicating things like timesheets, quotes and invoices during paid working hours, rather than completing these things after hours, late at night.

Choosing the right system for your business is key! Try our Find the Right App tool to kick off a chat with the TradiePad team on what software would be most suitable for your business.


Collaborate easier with your team & subbies

Collaboration is defined as two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing. Technology allows job details to be communicated effectively and efficiently to everyone involved in your jobs or projects. Things like scope of works, materials lists, specifications and work orders can all be critical to the success of a job or project, lack of access to this information can result in serious issues.

Office and field staff, subbies, builders, architects, and clients can all be kept up to date with the latest job details and tracking of the job or project progress.Collaboration tools will hep you plan and manage your team better and eliminate things like double bookings or scheduling errors and taking the wrong tools or materials for the job. Clear communication means everyone on the team knows where they need to be, what they need to do and maximises the chances of customer satisfaction.

Collaboration with partners and advisors can also be a major keys to success referral and strategic partners for sourcing work, business advisors and coaches for providing outsourced specialised expertise, these collaborations can seriously fast track growth!




For more tips on how technology can kick goals for your business, download our “Game Changing Business Insights” Free Resource.

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