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Issue 20 of XU Magazine is a cracker! There are two great articles you simply must read!

The first article on page 118 “Automation, Threat or Opportunity” is written by Clinton Cowin, Managing Director of Tradiepad. In this article, Clinton looks at how AI, automation and machine learning is creating change in the finance industry and discusses the shift we see occurring in the way we work, the power of collaboration and the skills we should nurture to stay relevant and successful in this shifting environment.

The second article is a client case study on Sticks and Stones Landscape Design. It highlights the amazing benefits that Xero and WorkflowMAX have had on their business allowing them to grow and maximise how efficiently they work. A great little shoutout to TradiePad in there too for recommending, implementing and training the Sticks and Stones crew on how to use WorkflowMAX to it’s optimal best! Check out the full article on page 100-101 “Getting back to their roots: WorkflowMAX helps Sticks & Stones do what they love most.”

Issue 20 of XU Magazine is out now – Get your free copy here.


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