Tradies Guide to ranking higher on Google


We recently chatted with Matt from Tradie Web Guys about how to rank better on Google and the answer was surprisingly simple and something everyone can do! It all comes back to have an amazing website and constantly updating that website to promote you, your team, and your trade services.

The key to any good website is user experience and this will affect how Google ranks your site. So what exactly is user experience? There are a couple of key components such as stability, page load speed, and if the website is mobile-friendly. But the most important element is user intent. Is your website content providing exact matches to the search terms your potential clients are entering into Google?

People are searching Google because they need information. If somebody searches on Google for a term relevant to your trade, you want a page on your website that answers that question. Think about what interests your customers, when they call, what are the questions they ask? What industry keywords or terms do you want your business to be found for? Use this knowledge to create content that lives on your website and will catch the attention of existing and potential clients, become a trusted advisor that they refer to for information and in turn, this will build their confidence in you as a trade professional.

It’s essential to have control over your website and marketing database to allow you to make updates as and when needed. These are powerful promotional tools for your business that are low-cost and will yield results if utilised correctly. Audit the copy on the key pages of your website, add a blog that showcases your services, past completed work or common issues you can solve for your clients. Consistently updating your website is a must, every fortnight is ideal but at a minimum monthly to keep ranking well on Google.

Putting money behind Google Ads can be expensive and isn’t guaranteed to yield results. A better approach is to provide valuable content that promotes your knowledge and services. Having content such as a blog, case study, or project gallery on your website will attract new customers to your site and create a library of content you can share with potential clients when they enquire about a service you provide. Create downloadable resources on your website to capture potential client details and grow your database. The content on your website should validate your knowledge and skills and essentially sell your business and services for you!

Did you know you are eight times more likely to retain a customer than gain a new one? A lot of importance is always put on finding new leads, more customers to keeping the jobs rolling in, but this should only be part of the big picture. Maintaining and nurturing the database of clients you already have can lead to some serious wins. Turn your focus to lead nurturing and generate extra work off clients that already know and trust your services. An easy and effective way to achieve this is with regular email campaigns using the content you have created or social posts referring back to your website, stay top of mind with your customers so next time they need something, you’ll be the first person they think to call.


Tips to increase your trade website Google ranking:

  • Audit your website

  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Publish quality content regularly – blogs (Should always be relevant to your trade/market)

  • Update plugins

  • Ensure SSL is current

  • Optimise website for speed and stability

  • Review SEO


Check out our recent Tech Talk: Tradies Guide to ranking higher on Google with Special Guest Matt Jones from Tradie Web Guys


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