The Tradies Wife

Today for International Womens Day we thought we would shine a bit of light on ladies in trade businesses and the important role they play.

It is an exciting time in the trades industry as we see an increase in lady tradies joining the industry, but today we wanted to learn a bit more about the women who have always been a part of the scene, working tirelessly in the background of trade businesses… the tradie wife.

It is a challenging role that many fall into as they support their partner in growing their trade business, tradies wives really are the unsung hero of most companies that tend to go a little unnoticed.

Today we chatted with Angela Smith from Dr DRiP Plumbing and Lifestyle Tradie. Ange is a tradies wife who, like most other tradie wives, left her career to help her husbands business succeed. We caught up with Ange to get an insiders view on the challenges involved in running a successful trade business while balancing your relationship, kids and life in general!

Check out what Ange had to say in the video below plus hear her top tips for running a successful business with your partner while maintaining a healthy relationship.


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