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ServiceM8 is the app for trade and service businesses such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, refrigeration contractors, locksmiths, cleaners and gardeners — any kind of small business which manages jobs and staff in the field.

Job Management

Powerful job creation, dispatch, navigation, quoting, job documentation and invoicing capability - in the office or from the palm of your hand.

checklists + tasks

Improve quality and consistency by using checklists and tasks. Management can see job status and updates in real time.


Create quotes, fast. Select from preset labour rates and standard parts or add job-specific items.

capture photos + videos

Take photos and record videos from within ServiceM8 and they’re automatically saved to the job.

stock control

ServiceM8 provides visibility of stock levels which are synced and tracked in Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks Online.

dispatch map

Quickly view the status and location of all field staff to make smart and fast dispatch decisions for urgent jobs.


Manage your staff schedules from anywhere. Drag jobs onto the desired time and staff member to notify them of their updated schedule.


When the job is done, add items and materials then generate an invoice in seconds.

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As a ServiceM8 Gold Partner we have helped hundreds of Tradies implement ServiceM8 into their business.

ServiceM8 setup & integration

We will assess your business needs and advise you on whether ServiceM8 will suit your unique trade business.

ServiceM8 migration

Our team will set you up on ServiceM8 job management software and transition you from your existing systems.

ServiceM8 training

You'll be supported with personalised training for you and your staff on how to use the software features to their maximum potential.

ongoing ServiceM8 support

Navigating the change to ServiceM8 is easy with ongoing TradiePad support available for your team.

What customers say about ServiceM8

tradie Experiences

"I recently completed many training sessions and upgraded my job management software through the help of TradiePad. Every experience with the TradiePad team was nothing but positive and insightful. If you're looking to upgrade, improve or to get a bit of guidance with the technology you're using in your business, then I can easily recommend TradiePad. With their wealth of knowledge and skills, you'll be seeing improvements throughout your business in no time at all!"
Kelean Taylor
Kelean Taylor Electrical
“We engaged TradiePad to help us identify and implement a new field services system into our company. From the very beginning they were excellent in their communication and commitment to getting the right product for our service. We decided on Servicem8 after the company review and assessment. It has been a very successful venture and has completely changed our work practices. This was due to the diligence and expertise of our trainer who was our support person and the comprehensiveness of their training and implementation processes. The cost was an investment we are already seeing ROI in just 3 months. Well done, TradiePad great product and great service.”
Dean Tolhurst
The Fixer Windscreens
“We've been using TradiePad services for over a year now and I wouldn't look anywhere else. They have helped us in training myself and my staff in using ServiceM8, setting up new iPads with their own Apple ID's and emails, and also helping us with the little things along the way. They have saved me a lot of time and stress. I would highly recommend them to anyone that's looking to grow or even start a business. I'm very confident they'll be able to help any business big or small!”
Pete Vardas
Sydney Rangehoods

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About ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is one of the most popular job management systems for tradies on the market today. So what is it that makes it so popular? Let’s run through some of the key features and functions that this app can provide to your business.

ServiceM8 is a simple yet highly effective field service management app which streamlines the way tradies work. From initial quotes to job management and invoicing, ServiceM8 combines a super simple user interface, best-in-class market-leading technology and the amazing power of the cloud to turbo-charge productivity and efficiency in trades and field service businesses.

Improving the visibility and control of businesses with real-time data, ServiceM8 has the potential to increase the productivity of your staff, improve your cash flow and provide next level customer service which has only ever been available to big businesses.


ServiceM8 Features


ServiceM8 Integrations

ServiceM8 integrates with all three of the leading accounting programs – XeroMYOB and Quickbooks Online. This seamless exchange of your financial data allows business owners greater visibility over their finances and saves time and money on administration tasks.

You can connect ServiceM8 to hundreds of apps through the Zapier or Workato integration and the Deputy integration will take your staff rostering and time sheets to the next level. Utilise the Mailchimp integration to nurture, promote and re-sell your services to your ServiceM8 client database. The integration to Wink Reports provides almost endless options for reporting on the data collected by ServiceM8 and can automate the delivery of dashboards and report data.

ServiceM8 Network and Franchise

The ServiceM8 team have developed extremely unique functionality around the ability for multiple organisations to share the power of ServiceM8 between their businesses.

The ServiceM8 Network feature allows businesses using ServiceM8 to share jobs between one another, seamlessly and securely, even if they don’t use ServiceM8! ServiceM8 Network aims to make it much easier to deal with subcontracted work and improve communication and job efficiency.

The ServiceM8 Franchise feature is a complete franchise management system built for seamless interaction between franchisee and franchisors in the trades and field services sector. This game-changing feature allows you to manage the end-to-end operations of your franchise network in one simple-to-use solution. Call Centre management, automatic enquiry routing and instant access to franchisee accounts gives you full control over your customer’s experience.


ServiceM8 has been created to work exclusively on Apple devices. Although some may see this as a restriction, this is an intentional move by the creators of ServiceM8 to ensure their software always performs at its peak potential by using high quality, reliable devices and unique functions only available on iOS.

Mobile devices are an essential tool that enables trades and service businesses to use software like ServiceM8 in the field, any issues with the hardware will impact directly on the ability of ServiceM8 to function for its clients, so dependability and security were paramount in their decision to be an Apple-exclusive program.



ServiceM8 Training Packages

TradiePad is recognised as Australia’s only Apple Mobility Partner who is also a ServiceM8 Certified Partner. We are Australia’s leading ServiceM8 Franchise expert and have reached the elite level of ServiceM8 Gold Partner as a result of the large number of businesses we have helped implement and train on how to use ServiceM8 to its full potential.

Love the sound of ServiceM8 and think it might be a good addition to your business? TradiePad has a range of ServiceM8 Training Packages available to suit every business and budget. Use the booking button below to schedule an obligation free 15-minute call to discover more about ServiceM8 and how this software could benefit your business.




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