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If you haven’t heard, then we have big news: .AU domain names launched in Australia on March 24th!

At the moment, you probably have a or domain (Known as a third-level domain). For the first time ever, you can now secure a shorter and more memorable .au domain (Known as a second-level domain); for example,

If you currently have a third-level domain (for example, the corresponding .au domain will be placed on hold and only made available for application by you, the third-level domain registrant.

Australian businesses have until 20 September to reserve their .au equivalent domain name, before it becomes available to the general public. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to protect your company brand.


Why register your .au domain?

  • Protect your brand, digital assets, and online reputation
  • It can improve your ranking on local search engines
  • It shows Australian customers that your website is trustworthy and credible
  • Increase brand awareness in the Australian market


Price to secure your .au domain

Just $99 + GST for one year to secure your new .au domain name and keep it out of your competitors’ hands.


How do I register my .au domain?

There are a bunch of rules around applying to register these new domains correctly. TradiePad is a trusted TPP Wholesaler who will make sure your application is done right from the get-go.

Simply click the “Register here” button below to fill out some basic details and we’ll get to work securing your .au domain name.



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