Best Invoicing and accounting apps for tradies [UPDATED 2024]

Invoicing and accounting apps are ideal for tradie businesses as they make the financial side of your business so much easier. Whether it is sending invoices, receiving payments or paying staff wages, accounting software makes the day to day financials simple to do on the go and provides a much more organised view for your bookkeeper and accountant to manage come tax time.

In this guide we have compiled our top invoicing and accounting apps for tradies.


Top 7 Invoicing and Accounting Apps for Tradies


1. Xero

The market leader in accounting software, Xero burst onto the scene in 2006 from New Zealand. Key to its popularity is that Xero has been designed specifically with the small business owner in mind and is beautifully simple to use but feature packed. 

Featuring a desktop interface as well as a number of mobile apps for different functions in the field, it allows for cloud-based invoicing, payroll, automatic bank feeds to track money in and out of your account, plus (most importantly) it integrates with over 1000 apps to allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently. This means you can connect Xero up to a huge range of job and project management systems that can run your business “operations” whilst Xero receives the data needed to manage the business financials.

Xero also boasts real-time cashflow reporting, simplifies BAS and ATO compliance and has multi-layered security to keep your financial data super safe.

Top Features:

  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Cloud based
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Integrates with 1000+ apps
  • Real-time cashflow reporting
  • Multi-layered security




MYOB has been a major player in the accounting software space for a very long time. An Australian software that allows invoicing, job tracking and bank transactions. MYOB provides real time data to monitor your current financial position as you track and pay expenses. You can even take payment on mobiles.

MYOB has a range of products to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes including MYOB Business Lite, Pro, Accountright Plus and Accountright Premier, plus MYOB Advanced for bigger businesses. They also have a suite of mobile apps including MYOB Team, MYOB Invoice and MYOB Capture to help your field staff or when you’re out of the office. This combines with integrations to a huge range of job and project management systems to help you build out your business technology platform.  

Just be aware that not all MYOB versions are available on all devices and MYOB doesn’t integrate with all of the systems we work with which can be an issue depending on your situation.

Top Features:

  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Real-time cashflow reporting
  • Take payment on mobiles
  • Integrates with multiple apps



3. Intuit QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is another accounting software that has come to be very well known over the years and has been created by US based company Intuit. It’s very different to the old QuickBooks desktop software that was distributed by Reckon many years ago in that it’s 100% cloud based and super modern. There are options for Simple Start, Essentials or Plus accounts depending on your level of requirements and has very similar features and functions to MYOB and Xero, but coming in at a much more cost effective price point! 

Being 100% cloud based it integrates with a lot of the popular job and project management systems, but not all of them so be aware of this if looking to connect it to some software you’re using or looking at. The QuickBooks Online mobile app works beautifully on phones and tablets and makes running your accounts from the road a breeze. 

Overall, QuickBooks Online is definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a new accounting package but make sure you discuss it with your bookkeeper and accountant to make sure they’re set up to work with it as well.

Top Features:

  • Cloud based
  • Desktop and Mobile app
  • Cost effective
  • Integrates with multiple apps


4. Hubdoc

Hubdoc converts paperwork like receipts, bills, statements, emails, supplier invoices to import into Xero or Quickbooks online by either taking photos of documents, scan, email or upload. Hubdoc then uses AI to read the information, cutting down on your manual data entry, and then automatically sorts and organises your documents into searchable and customisable folders. Hubdoc is completely cloud based and accessible on any mobile device and is owned by Xero and is included in all Xero subscriptions.

Whilst it’s a great tool for automating the data extraction and data entry, you need to consider how it will work alongside your job or project management software to make sure we don’t end up with duplicates or unnecessary double handling, but make sure we get the necessary job costing/reporting. This is a key point we address when working with a business to map out what goes where and manage any changes to how the various tools get utilised.

Top Features:

  • Integrates with Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • Saves manual data entry of paperwork
  • Cloud based
  • Included in all Xero subscriptions



5. Dext

Dext (previously known as Receipt bank) is a cloud based add-on to a range of accounting and bookkeeping software. It uses automated data extraction technology to easily capture your bills, receipts, invoices and documents by scanning or taking a photo on your mobile phone. It integrates with Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and Reckon and provides real-time financial overview reports so you can track your business finances.

Just like Hubdoc, whilst it’s a great tool for automating the data extraction and data entry, you need to consider how it will work alongside your job or project management software to make sure we don’t end up with duplicates or unnecessary double handling, but make sure we get the necessary job costing/reporting. This is a key point we address when working with a business to map out what goes where and manage any changes to how the various tools get utilised.

Top Features:

  • Cloud Based
  • Saves manual data entry of paperwork
  • Integrates with Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and Reckon
  • Real-time cashflow reporting



6. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is where TradiePad first started! We came across this super simple app back in 2011 that allowed us to create invoices and quotes on the go, and it was an absolute game changer! A lot has changed since then but Invoice2Go still lets businesses create and send invoices, accept payments online and manage your business finances with reports. Suited best to small tradie businesses or independent contractors it works on both iOS and android devices which allows you to sync data across all devices. You can convert quotes to invoices and there are multiple invoice templates to choose from which can be customised to suit your business.

Invoice2Go is designed to work as a stand alone program rather than directly integrating into other job and project management systems, but if you don’t need anything more than invoices and quotes then it’s a great simple solution.

Top Features:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Accept payments online
  • Real-time cashflow reporting
  • Works on iOS and Android devices

7. Hnry

Hnry is a very different solution to the rest of the tools listed here. Aimed at the sole trader/micro business market they have some great tools for things like quoting and invoicing via an awesome mobile app or web interface, but they’re also taking the compliance and bookkeeping/accounting headache out of running a small business, as they say “Never think about tax again”.

  • Create quotes and invoices and take payments
  • Record expenses
  • Hnry’s accountants then review your accounts and submit the necessary BAS/tax returns
  • Most importantly, Hnry automatically calculates AND PAYS all of your tax obligations as you earn the money, so you’re not stung with an unexpected tax bill at the end of the year


We’ve found that Hnry can be a great tool for sub-contractors who are working for a head contractor and just need to be able to create invoices. So if you’re a head contractor and sick of dealing with the headaches of non-compliant subbies who struggle with their business finances, then Hnry can be a great solution. You can talk to us about how we can help your subbies get this in place, it’s a real win-win!

In summary, Henry is a super simple option for those that don’t want to worry about bookkeeping and accounting and just want to do what they love. It’s definitely not as capable or detailed as a proper accounting package and doesn’t have the level of integrations into job management systems we’ve outlined in other packages, but it’s a great starting point for someone who is kicking off their business and just needs to make sure they’re compliant and paying their ATO obligations.

Top Features:

  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Create quotes and invoices
  • Take payment on mobiles
  • Makes BAS and Tax compliance easy



How to choose the right accounting app for your tradie business?

When deciding which invoicing and accounting app is best for your tradie business key things to look for are top notch security, mobile friendly, has the integrations you require and if it provides the key features you need to make your everyday finances easier. 

Tradies aren’t bookkeepers and we highly doubt that you want to be! Choose a software that is user friendly, will work on the devices you use and integrates seamlessly with any existing software you use to run your business. The better the flow of information between your systems, the less manual data entry will be required which will save you time and money in the long run.


Want to fast-track finding the right invoicing and accounting software for your tradie business? Let’s chat!

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