Are you making or losing money on the Job?


Apps for Tradies – How to make more money on the job.


When you own a trade company and are run off your feet on the job site, it’s pretty easy for things to get forgotten or overlooked, but there are plenty of apps for tradies that are designed to help! Paperwork is a tradies number one enemy, we have mountains of it, and it really affects how efficiently your business runs. Today we look at some options of how to remove this bottleneck from your business and how you can ensure you’re making the most money out of each job.

Staying on top of your financials is crucial to running a successful trade business. It’s all about visibility and real-time data, and the best way to get that is by using cloud-based software.

There are plenty of great job management apps for tradies available today, so if you haven’t already, why not take the leap! A couple of the most popular job management software for tradies we deal with are ServiceM8TradifyAscora and WorkflowMax, but there are loads of options available depending on the size and requirements of your trade business.

Apps have been created to make your life easier and you will be shocked at how much they can do and just how easy they are to use. Soon you’ll be running an efficient business, quoting more accurately, winning more work with your professionalism, and not running yourself ragged in the process. It really is a game changer for tradies.

TradiePad Top Tips:


Job management software for tradies

  • Embrace cloud technology and find the best job management software for tradies which suits the size and needs of your business. Job management software gives you the ability to monitor your jobs and projects and keep on top of costing and billing so things don’t get missed. We’ve all had those jobs that have “slipped through the cracks” and you’ve never been paid for them, with the right tool, this can be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, there is no “One size fits all” so it makes sense to talk to an independent expert like TradiePad to get an honest, unbiased opinion on what will be the best tool for the job.


 App setup and Training

  • Invest in setup and training. Make sure all your devices in the office and onsite are setup correctly and the information is syncing across all devices. Invest in training so your staff know how to use the app properly, don’t waste time fumbling through the learning process and making costly mistakes. You can’t just give your team and app and say “here, use this”. Take a strategic approach and provide the guidance to make sure this business change is managed successfully.


 Cloud Accounting

  • Move to a cloud-based accounting platform like Xero so you have real-time info on your financial position, allowing you to make decisions about your business based on actual data and analytics rather than just gut feel. Ask your accountant or bookkeeper to help you make the move to the cloud or contact TradiePad for a recommendation of someone in your local area who can help.


 Apps for Tradies

  • Apps are your new best friend! Use late payment and cash flow management apps like Chaser to do your dirty work for you. Chaser is great for ensuring you get paid for all the hard work you’ve already completed without you having to lift a finger. Scanner apps such as Adobe Scan or Readdle Scanner Pro can transform all your paperwork into digital files making documents much easier to find, and use Google Drive or Dropbox to store all your docs in the cloud so they are available whenever and wherever you need them, are easy to find and cant get damaged or lost like the paper versions!


Business Support

  • Most importantly, Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are a mountain of business support specialists out there that can help educate you and make sure you have the best possible chance of success in your business. TradiePad specialises in the technology piece, but we have a network of advisors that we work with around the country that can help with getting your business back on track and making the money that it should. You just gotta ask! One of our favourites is Matthew Jones from Cube Performance. Matthew and his team have helped heaps of our clients take control and build amazingly successful businesses, and Matthew’s even written a book all about it – Power Up Your Tradie Business. Well worth a read to inspire you to create your own “Blueprint for Success”


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