WorkflowMAX is being retired – Alternative apps for Tradies


Xero retires WorkflowMAX

The biggest news in software this week is that Xero will be retiring WorkflowMAX on 26 June 2024. After this date, tradies using the platform will lose access to the software and all their data stored within it.


 The WorkflowMAX brand has been acquired by business advisory firm BlueRock who are currently developing a product with similar functionality which they hope will be available in early 2024. WorkflowMAX customers will not automatically be migrated to this new product and are now faced with a crossroad of choices, where do I go from here?


WorkflowMAX alternatives for tradies

Although the 26 June 2024 may seem far in the future, now is the perfect time to be looking at alternative options for your tradie software. This will ensure you have enough time to find, set up plus learn a new program and migrate your WorkflowMAX data across before the end date.


There are many tradie software programs which integrate with Xero and offer the same functionality as WorkflowMAX plus more. You have probably already been inundated with ads and emails from various software promoting this fact. But how do you know which software is going to be the best choice moving forward for your business?


That’s where we come in! Forget endless software trials, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. TradiePad has experience with the best tradie software systems available, and will be able to match you to the one that is right for you. We have been implementing WorkflowMAX for more than ten years and are currently helping our tradie clients navigate through their options and assisting with the switch to a new software.


We can make your transition from WorkflowMAX easy too! TradiePad can guide you through your alternative options, get your systems migrated and train you and your team on how to use a new software system to run your business.


If you would like to discuss your trade business needs with a member of our team, book a time for a quick 15 min chat with us, we’ll get to know a bit more about your business, and recommend the best plan forwards.



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