TradiePad Corporate Enduro


As the sky darkened and rumbled outside, inside a bigger storm was brewing as we kicked off our first ever TradiePad Corporate Enduro last week at Fastlane Karting in Minto South West of Sydney.

Six teams of competitive tradies and business associates showed up to see who would come out on top after a gruelling 130 laps equalling 74km of endurance racing. Who would win the TradiePad Trophy? First, let’s meet the contenders…

Working with power is second nature for the Steyn Electrical team but would the boys light up the track tonight? They were definitely keen to do all sparkies proud and take out the win.

The Total Surveying Solutions team were full of confidence. A bit of karting experience under their belt and a keen eye for detail ment they could be a serious contender for the trophy tonight and weren’t afraid to let everyone know it!

Or would team Fitzpatrick Group be a surprise entry? A team of local accountants, could they swap the pencils for the pedal and come out trumps? It’s all about the race stats they tell us and they certainly are good with numbers!



We expected a faultless performance from the boys from Hogan Property Inspections. Nothing gets past these guys normally so would it be the same on the track? Time would tell…

Or would strategy play a major part in winning? If that’s the case, we needed to keep an eye on the team from Elders Real Estate Camden. Experts in wheeling and dealing house sales, could they be the ones destined to seal the deal?

And of course, we had a TradiePad team, REPRESENT! When we saw the sign outside Fastlane Karting said “This is Clinton’s Country” we thought for sure that was an omen that we had this race in the bag. A bit of social media heckling from Total Surveying Solutions only increased our competitive spirit, that Trophy’s got our name on it and we bloody well planned on winning it!


First up we had the safety briefing and outline of race rules by Fastlane Karting. TradiePad also helped the teams out with a few social media hints and tips to help all the businesses maximise their exposure online.



Outside the rain had started to come down, but lucky for us Fastlane Karting is an all-weather go Kart Track so nothing could stop the action. The lights were turned on at the track and the teams buckled up at the starting line… we were off and racing!

It was a nail-biting endurance race to the finish, lots of jostling for position and a few screams from the girls but Elders took the lead early and looked like the team to beat. 



5 pit stops, 5 driver changes and 1 fuel stop later, Elders was still in the lead until disaster. Mechanical problems with their kart which allowed enough time for Total Surveying Solutions to sweep past, stealing the win and the TradiePad trophy!

It was all fun and games, no one got hurt (except maybe some egos!) and it all turned out to be an epic night of fun. Big thanks to all the teams that joined us at the TradiePad Corporate Enduro. Pretty sure Elders feels robbed so it looks like we might need to do a re-match in the near future!



Bit of a speed demon yourself? Register your interest in taking part in our next TradiePad Corporate Enduro event by commenting below and email your details through to us!


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