What We Do

TradiePad saves your business time and money by eliminating paperwork and literally putting your entire "business in your pocket".

The TradiePad Solution was developed by tradesmen for tradesmen meaning no technical jargon or sales speak.
We help you take the first step in embracing technology to make it work for you.
We are completely independent of the creators of the Apps, hardware and job management software we use. This allows Tradiepad to source and recommend exactly which products are right for your business, at the lowest possible cost.
We will configure your various devices, load the relevant Apps, train you and your people and provide ongoing support.
Once we have synchronised your devices you will have ALL your business info and data at your fingertips (and in your pocket) ALL the time!
Along with the business management Apps we can provide many others that will make running your business and your life easier.
We are constantly researching the seemingly endless number of new Apps looking for those that will benefit our clients, and also provide regular updates on changes to existing Apps, saving you significant time.
Millions of people have mobile devices, however only a very small percentage use them to anywhere near their full potential. TradiePad will ensure YOU DO!

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"I didn't think the business concept was possible. The guys at TradiePad proved me wrong! The system works and the training was simple. Great stuff."

Chris Robbins
Straight Edge Building